Kamala Hospital and Research Center for Thalassemia and Sickle Cell patients

Kamala Hospital and Research Laboratory was established (supported by Prema Bai Dakotiya Charitable and Memorial Society) with an aim to screen the patients for various mutations in alpha, beta, gamma genes causing thalassemia. The main objective of the research is to conduct various studies to improve the quality of life of the patient and to formulate better treatment strategies

Main aims of molecular  research lab

National and International Collaborations

Human Resources:

S. No Name of the Person Designation Status of employment (Part / full time)
1 Dr. Suman Jain Chief Medical Research Officer & Secretary Full Time
2 Dr.G.Padma Research Scientist Full Time
3 Dr.M.Mamatha Research Scientist Full Time
4 Dr.A.Sudheer Research Scientist Full time
5 Dr. Sujai Suneetha Research Technical Advisor Part Time
6 Dr. V R Rao Research Advisor Consultant
7 Dr. Anjana Munshi Research Advisor Consultant
8 Dr. K. Saroja Medical Officer Full Time
9 Mr.Vamsi Kumar Technician Full Time
10 Mr. Jaleel Technician Full Time
11 Mr. Chandra Technician Full Time
12 Mr. Bharat Technician Full Time
13 Mr. Taufeeq Baig Technician Full Time
Ongoing Research Projects:  7
Projects Submitted for Funding and Under Review: 1 and 1 project is shortlisted by DBT
Research Papers Published (Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Anemia): 16

LIST OF  Projects





Papers Published